Here is how to connect to our Anime P2P servers

Here is where you can find some of the clients needed to connect:

  1. WinMX (WINDOWS!) Sorry, the link goes to a dead site.  Do a search if you want this
  2. Jlop (WinMX clone in java)
  3. Rapster (Mac Users Only!) Another dead link.
  4. Lopster (Linux / Unix Users Only!) ( Visit for more info.)
  5. Winlop (Windows version of Lopster)


P2P Server Address: Port: 8875 this is a redirect server so configure you client to use this.

To eliminate server downtime we have set up a new network of linked servers. If a server is full or down, you will automatically be redirected to an active server. Unfortunately we now only have a single server so this is really moot.

How (WinMX 2.6):
To configure WinMX, use the new server, first remove the old server from your serverlist. If you connect to both the new address and the old address it will make a mess of things. Once you've removed the old server address your WinMX server screen should appear as seen below. (If you never used this before, ignore)

Add the new server to the High Capacity Networks section. Point at OpenNap Protocol High Capacity Networks. The options Connect All, Stop, Close All, Add, Remove; will appear. Click Add. In the Add Server dialog, enter a network name of "AnimeFantasia", Address "", Port "8875", Server Type "OPENNAP041 REDIRECT". Enter your original AnimeFantasia p2p login and password. 

How (WinMX 3.1):  Click Here

How (Lopster & Winlop ):

If you've managed to set up Lopster, I have to assume you know what you're doing. Just make sure you add the new servers using the "Add Metaserver" button instead of the "Add Server" button.